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Forum Rules
Dear Admin,
Reading again the Rules and other important threads from this section I can say that almost all is covered by the rules.
It's not easy for you and take a lot of time but how many posts are against the rules ?
The rules are in bold characters and in a very nice color but rules without enforcement...

Admin wrote:
All inactive user will be deleted soon.

It's O.K. for me to contribute and to help others without compensation but reading every day:

Thank you .....
Muy buenas gracias...

when searching for something useful is boring.

Admin wrote:

We are planing to close registration after a period.

Closing.... I don't know but banning sometimes may be a good tool to reduce the inactive and not obedient users.

I don't remember my registration process but I think it must be clear and the candidate must approve every row like this:

1. The language of the forum is english only.
2. Read the rules before posting.
3. Use the THANKS button only.
4. Check your links before posting.
5. Use the search before posting to see that the subject is already in forum (no duplicates).

Finally, THANK YOU. It's a very good forum and get better every day.
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