If you didn't read the rules
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If you didn't read the rules
(If you didn't read the rules or forgot them but not only)

I will explain one more time. This site is an engineering site for civil and structural engineers. If you have something new related to our profession, post and you are welcome. New mean not a duplicate of existing material in forum (search and verify before), posted in the right section and according to our rules. If you want to ask or need help for a professional problem, post and again in the right section and after checking if the answer is not already in forum. If you can answer to a question or help someone, post. Don’t post opinions about something but facts. Sentences like: I think is a very good book, software, i love it, are spam in this forum. If you are satisfied and want to thank someone press the thanks button. If no one from above, take what you need and again we will be happy if you press thanks, but don’t use our site to write nonsense and useless sentences. Always use preview and don't press Post Thread until your post is what you want. We want engineering related posts and for example the Non Engineering Software is not for copying every thing from general sharing sites. We all know how to use Google and if not please learn. Non engineering mean utilities for engineers like archivers, PDF utilities, image viewers and converters, etc.
If you feel lonely, bored or you want to write about something else don’t post, you are in the wrong place and you will be warned. If you don’t like our rules don’t enter the site.
This site is owned by Administrator and he pays with his money the hardware, the software and he works hard to maintain the site alive.
Most of the posts are from a small group of users and the moderators are not only the top posters but they works many hours every day to maintain the level of this site.
This is not a parliament as some revolutionary users think and who don’t like our rules is free to not use the site.
I can understand the enthusiasm of some young engineers or students running to post before understanding where they are, I can understand many of our users familiar with the chaos in other engineering sites but I can’t understand users continuing to make mistakes after warnings and Private Messages.
An engineer must at least to know reading and an engineer like the three monkeys (don’t heard, don’t see, don’t talk) will kill someone when his structure will collapse.
Some screenshots for newbies and old users without patience to read and understand and continuing to make faults.
In the first row of the main page you can see some titles.
(See screenshot 1)
The relevant for remaining in forum and to not receive warnings are:
HELP (see screenshot 2)
If you will read and understand many things will be easier when posting.
SEARCH (see screenshot 3)
Using in an intelligent way the search will help you to find what you want and to find existing thread for not duplicating posts.
If you want to post software or a book you must (MUST) use the post generator and our image host.
See screenshots 4 and 5
Looking at every post you can see (this is an example only):
See screenshot 6
The number of post of this user and the threads he posted in, when the user joined the forum, the Warning Level and so on.
The most important, pressing the digits near the Warning Level you can see for which reason and who (moderator) warn you.
(See screenshot 7)
The warning will expire after a week or a month but if you have at least 50% your posts will be moderated for a week and you will see them on a pink background. Don’t post more until your warning rate will be less than 50%.
When a user reach the 100% warning rate he will be banned for a while (usually 10 days but the moderators can ban for ever).
See screenshot 7
Please pay attention to a few things when you look at your profile (pressing your name):
See screenshot 8
Not only the statistics but again you can check many details and the warning level.
One of the most important things, check if your Private Message is enabled. We don't need your email but we don't like users with PM disabled.
If you don’t see your post, it was deleted by moderators for a reason so don’t repeat posting one more time the same. We will delete any post as "I will upload soon...", "I wiil search in my ... and if i will found...". Our policy is very simple. If you want to shoot, shoot don't talk.
If you want something and other user ask before wait at least a month before asking one more time. If you want to communicate with someone and if is not related with the thread use the Private Message.
We warn for transparent links, duplicate posts (including duplicate request), posting in wrong section, for not using the post generator and the image host and of course for spam. Users replying without reason a lot of other‘s text (quoting) fill our forum with garbage. I can’t believe in your real life (and everyday work) you repeat every phrase of your interlocutor before answering.
Repeating the same will be warned with more points and users repeating faults too much times will be banned.
Don't post in foreign languages (only English), don't fill with quoted text without reason and don't post insulting words. I recommend you to not argue with the moderators and don't try to punish them if you are disappointed.

Screnshot 1

[Image: 43410226411607539496.gif]

Screnshot 2

[Image: 36784341928686077888.gif]

Screnshot 3

[Image: 02728105778187488531.gif]

Screnshot 4

[Image: 89463845167010767893.gif]

Screnshot 5

[Image: 58637540117390733632.gif]

Screnshot 6

[Image: 43970036970599277436.gif]

Screnshot 7

[Image: 41277223246284716505.gif]

Screnshot 8

[Image: 29140404728220492644.gif]

For people forgetting the rules or thinking they are in other place and not in an engineering forum :
One user was banned today forever because he used 13 transparent links and a political slogan.
For transparent links we can edit the post or we can add a warning and for every fault we have different warnings and this is not a problem. Some users learn to use the forum, others receive warning and learn or not.
This is the rule no. 12 (please check the rules thread) and every user disregarding this rule will be banned.

12. It's forbidden to use the forum for political and religious discussions and the use of political, religious, pornographic or other symbols hurting users in avatars, signature (including shout).

We live in world where conflicts are in every place but here we discuss engineering. I, as everyone here i have my opinions, my preferences and i like or not some countries or some politicians. I discuss about with my friends, but here is forbidden.

This phrase is from the post above and please take care.

This is not a parliament as some revolutionary users think and who don’t like our rules is free to not use the site.

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