Let's Programming
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Let's Programming

allow me to introduce myself. I come from a little island country-Taiwan (Republic Of China, ROC), that many people don't know where is it, even don't know it is a country. In Taiwan, because it is a small market, many software producer don't put Taiwan's code in their software, and offten without triditional Chinese in their software's GUI. so I often use Self-making spreedsheet with VBA in daily work.
In Taiwan, we most use software to analysis deep exvacation behavior is RIDO.
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and we have our made deep exvacation software called TORSA.
is someone interest to programming the geotechnical software-deep excavation, slope stability, pile foundation...and so on. any program language (VB FORTRAN C#...) is fine.

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I agree with you that programming makes our lives easier.

I would make one suggestion to the ADMIN to open a new Discussion topic named as "Programming" od "Programming for Engineers" . Here we can share a parts of our codes, solving problems, ....

Good job,

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I'm also interesting in programming. I use Pascal (Delphi)

i am also interested in programing
i do programing in vb & vf



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