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I never think the civil or structural engineers are different from other people. Cheaters are in every place and if they think we are stupid they are wrong. Users CivilEng, Ahmed 2010, Library are the same user and gave each other thanks and reputation. You are all invited to do the same and to be banned.
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Tats really shocking to hear this. why do ppl do this for wanting reputation so badly!!!? :no: . Atleast we get good lot of inf from here for free... All they can do is try to contribute something with little bit from there side!!!
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Hi BennyP,

Thanks for finding out such stupidity. I would like to put a permanent banned for such sorts of activities. Others can a take a lesson from this. Personally, I feel that we, the every member in this great forum, have a great intention to cooperate other Civil Engineers and at the same time expect same from them and It should be through honestly (by obeying forum rules). Also, our moderators and administrations in this forum are aware who are really contributing or try to contributing (as their best) rather than expecting reputations or thanks. Those who are here only for reputations and cheating should be removed for the welfare of this great and number one forum in the world right now.


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Hi all,
I agree to the statement of ska51. I think its a kind of stupid thing to promote each other's profile in this forum inspite of the fact that it is not allowed by the administration. In fact the theme of this forum is to increase competition among the users so that they promote themselves only with the thirst of knowledge and not to gain illegal reputations. So, everyone of us should be loyal to this forum as we are gaining a lot from it.
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Dear all,

We are here to help each other. Cheating here means nothing except destroying the face of your engineering knowledge. Everyone must try to be the best of what he is and this is the way he would be successful.
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