Duplicated Thread!!!!
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Duplicated Thread!!!!
Dear Concerned Moderators,

Nowadays, I found some duplicated threads (containing same book in two different threads) through a course of searching in the forum before adding the materials, I have. As soon as I saw those, I am informing those to our moderators by putting those threads as a reference in one of the threads and ask our moderators to merge and put together.

In this regard, I am little bit confused about in which thread (newer or older ........) i should post the information of these two threads. Or, is there any other option to inform you guys. I hope your kind attention and suggestions for this.

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Yes ska51 i noted this before , and i think it will be good solution if we tolled the moderators in a PM about (at least) the name of the book, program(if any),.....etc.
also i want to thank our moderator GRUNF which exerted a good work to merge similar threads and redesigning the topics.
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Dell Brett

(This post will be deleted in 24 hours!
I suggest to use private message or Post report do inform this type of mistakes)
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About duplicate thread,
We must wisely look at this problem, there 2 possibility of duplicate thread or maybe duplicate books / softwares :
1) Some one know it & still post it ---> this is wrong for surely
2) Accidentally duplicate previous posting.
I can understand that modertor must delete duplicate threads/materials ...
I really appreciate several moderators who sent warning ( tell reason of warning ) plus give tips by sent message/comment to me.
The warning guide me to do better for next posting.
To avoid repeating mistake, I want to know whether there other member ever found same problem with my problem below :
My self found problem on "duplicate thread/material" & the reasons :
1) I think there problem with "search" tool, before posting something I always use "seach", but fact several books I post ---> already posted by others member.
I hope to avoid misunderstanding on "accidentally replicate thread / materials" admin/moderator before delete something, please wisely agree to check it use "search" tool to make sure whether it really "error" with the "search" tool or it really duplicate materials
2) sometime some member post books / any materials in wrong forum, this cause the book/ materials that sent by that member can not be display in "search" tool --> this cause other member post it again
I love this group & respect all moderator / admin here, I hope I can give positive contribution for this group.
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Dear rafaelsantoso, thanks for your comments! Very useful!

The moderators considerations is:
- If a post is fully identical a existing one (including the links), we consider a duplicate post and remove it!
- if a post is the same, but have a DIFFERENT link, we consider as a Mirror link and merge the posts.

Unfortunately, all of us (moderators) have a job (or the own business) and no enough time to verify if each new post was previously posted! And, as a mater of fact, our SEARCH engine isn't fully efficient:
- You may use no more then 2 words;
- Wrong titles hinder be located (as comma without space, slash/underscore separating words, writing errors, etc.).

We don't warn a member for duplicated post, if we fell that have no deliberate intention to do a duplication!

We needs and appreciate if a member report us a duplicated post! , and it's a unequivocal proof that the member have a forum commitment!

Keep in activity and good posts!


Dell Brett
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