bookmark -and- mail storage capacity
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bookmark -and- mail storage capacity
#1st - I would like to suggest a bookmark button on each thread, so we can mark a favorite or an interesting topic and go back later to read the full thread or download something. It's useful if you are browsing for example at your workplace and at home you can download the book, software, etc.

#2nd - I will highly appreciate if the Admin could increase the mail storage capacity, it's annoying to constantly delete the messages.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our ideas.

Best regards,
Engineering - the Art of Neglection
Dear Rusty,

Thanks for your interest in our forum and suggestions.
My point of view about them:

1- the bookmarks can easily be done in your own browser! You don't needs to be forum dependent (site storage) to your favorites! In my example, I'm using a Mozilla Firefox, created a CivilEA Folder and several sub-folders to add all my favorites threads/posts. And I use (and recommend) the Xmarks in order to keep my bookmarks synchronized with my office computer, my notebook and my home computer (Xmarks is an free add-on for Firefox that synchronizes bookmarks - Very useful)

2- Large e-mail storage capacity demands large server size allowed, and it's have a cost! Remember: This is the BEST free engineering sharing site of the world! And they'll still free!


Dell Brett
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we added this feature:
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