Bentley Descartes v8i (SELECT series 1) (Trial)
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Bentley Descartes v8i (SELECT series 1) (Trial)
Bentley Descartes v8i (SELECT series 1) (Trial)

[Image: info.png]
Comprehensive Imaging Product for Visualization, Mapping, and Raster-to-Vector Conversion
Bentley Descartes is the only imaging offering that is truly integrated with MicroStation for high productivity, visualization, mapping, and raster-to-vector conversion in a single product.

Bentley Descartes brings many new features and enhancements.

GeoRaster Support
Bentley Descartes now lets you connect to and view GeoRasters contained within Oracle Spatial databases.

Flood tool
This new tool is used to flood an area of a binary raster with the foreground color.

Define Seam tool enhancements
Enhancements to this tool now allow the feathering area to be defined interactively. It is now possible to see a preview of the feathering while placing the seam line. Also, only the top raster is modified by the tool so that the mosaic can be detached and reattached without losing the mosaicking.

Combine Images tool
Used to perform a logical operation on a selected area of two specified rasters and place the resulting data on a destination raster. This tool works on binary rasters only.

Paste from File tool
This new tool is available right under the “Paste” tool in the edit menu. When selecting this tool, the file selection dialog opens to select the raster file to be pasted. After the “Open” button is pressed, the remaining of the workflow is exactly as the standard “Paste” tool.

Merge tool
It is now possible to rasterize a view or a portion of a view to the clipboard using the Merge tool.

New Use Fence Setting in the Editing tools
The tools that support fences to define the area have a new toggle in their tool settings called “Use Fence”. When this option is turned ON, the editing tool will work on all the raster attachments overlapped by the fence and will ignore the raster selection. The fence will always be treated as a fence clip which means that only the pixels overlapped by the fence will be edited.

Line Cap and Line Join Settings in the Line Mapping Settings dialog
A new section labeled “Line Ends” has been added to the Line Mapping Settings dialog. This section comprises two new settings labeled “Line Cap and “Line Join”. These settings specify the line caps and line joins to be used in the Merge and Stamp operations.

Dynamic rubber band display enhancements
The display of the dynamic rubber bands used in the Bentley Descartes editing tools has been enhanced so that they are easier to see.

It is now possible to attach Raster Surface (DEM) to Bentley Descartes. This file are displayed as 2D but It is possible assign color based on elevation, slope or aspect.

Installed in Microstation


[Image: screen.png]
[Image: 66200030892544469128.gif]

[Image: Download.png]

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may use this software for evaluation purposes only.
If you like it, it is strongly suggested you buy it to support the developers.
By any means you may not use this software to make money or use it for commercial purpose.
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