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New section
I would like to propose the creation of a new section related to sharing information about earthquakes: earthquake reports, earthquake databases, earthquake strong motion records. What do you think?
Dear iceman84,
First of all, thanks for your participation and your suggestion!
Recently, we received several good suggestions!
Some considerations:
1- The (excellent) quality of our forum is (as BennyP sad) due the number, quality an activity of moderators. Any new section needs a new moderators (or divide the work/responsibility with the exiting). So, sometimes an good idea needs a some time to be done!
2- Specifically your suggestion about earthquakes, I do believe that reports and databases can be posted at the existing BOOKS - DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE section. And my point of view is to avoid the risk of be confuse for someone where post something.
3- Nowadays, in Dynamics and Earthquake section we have only 137 posts and 460 reply. I isn't an large number...

But, be sure that your idea (and the others recently posted) will be considered!


Dell Brett
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Dear Iceman84:
Try to put your Earthquake Reports and Datas inside the BOOKS - DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE section. If your information is in other language than English (Italian, French or Spanish, for example), please indicate the reason and the English explanation, requesting if someone can bring us the complete translation.
Please adjust your thread to the PostGen format ever, indicating in the title (in English, of course) the original language and the Country from. Please include so much views and picture as possible.
One warning: This condition will be for the BOOKS - DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE section only, no other.
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