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[SUGGESTION] Section of Free Softwares/Model
Dear Friends,

Let me share one of ideas/suggestions with all of you. As you all are aware that some of the organisations/institutions develop some softwares/model which could be freely available and are extremely user frendly in the civil engineering field. If we can open a sub-section under "Other Civil Engineering Softwares" as Free CE Softwares, then our members can easily track down their needs from the provided information.

For example, Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), USA developed many model/softwares to be used in Water Resources Modeling purposes which are free of cost. As I have some of them (HEC-HMS, HECResSIM, HECDSSVue etc.), I can assure you that they are very user friendly and useful in CE field, specially who are working on water resources modeling purpose.

I hope and strongly believe some other softs are also freely available in Geotech, Transportation or Structural Field which we can provide in this new section so that our members can easily get those information, those who are not acquainted with that information.

This thinking is solely of my own. I expect all of your thinkings and constructive comments on this regard.

Best Regards
"Downstream is Weaker"
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Dear All,

I just simply bring your attention to this thread and need your valuable contribution.

An Engineer musT have sixth sense...!!!
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Dear All
In reality, I would not want to ask something which creates more work, for our Moderators. It is already a very hard input.
They already have enough problems, because the users (including me at the beginning-may be still the same) do not pay enough attention for the difference and quality of CivilEA forum.
If everybody knows what to do, moderators will have less headache !
I am inclined to propose a pre-screening for the new-comers (some kind of little questionnaire and may be an exercise for posting new threads - something like this - It might reduce down the initial mistakes we all make )
I know no other form that is moderated like CivilEA, but like I said - some kind of procedure implementation would even make it better .
If everybody knows the rules and acts accordingly-we all can enjoy this form even more ?

And I may add that "If more people would chip-in what ever they can - We can have it even better"

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Moderators are you agree to add this subsection?
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