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How can anyone gets to be a "VIP menber"?

and what beneffits are in this category?
(besides, the medicine for some programs...)

Ing.Pedro Cruz
(Lima - Peru)
“Imagination is more important than knowledge...”
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To get VIP status:

you need to post good and quality posts/ threads, to make good contributions, share rare matherial, help others by tips/ hints, solve some engineering problem(s)

You'll recieve medals for doing above described actions and after that here come next step - after three medals you'll get some upgrade. It is great if you get some good reputation points as well, so this makes easier to keep track on your actions and to make decision whether you'll have VIP membership (or not) (or you'll have some other membership). It is important not to have valid warning points (negative warning points that have not expired) - you need to be "clean" concerning warning points.

Nowhere except in CivilEA's VIP section you can find rare material (concernig softwares, books, etc...) published by our moderators, admin, protectors and VIPs.

Keep good posting, follow the rules of CivilEA and post according the rules. Most of all, try to help others by solving problems and sharing your experience (if any)...

One more important thing: As a VIP member you need to be active all the time (not every day, but from time to time we expect some good gontribution(s) to CivilEA)

If I have dropped or forgot something about recieving VIP status, dear admin, protectors and moderators, please update the thread, add a word or few more on this I wrote.

With regards
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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I supose today is a little bit harder to become a VIP compared with the first months of the forum when many VIP entered the group.
Thousands of users, a huge quantity of material already inside.
Every day we have new software releases, new cracks, new books and everyday someone asks for help so the new users still can contribute and enter this group.
I'm not sure the content accessible only to VIP is so different or so special but if you love sharing with others, helping people and showing you are smart and methodical, always you will find material to post and become a VIP.
We have some VIP not active for a long period but actualy the VIP membership is for life (until Admin will decide to change this).
How to enter the group Grunf explained above but don't forget - one of the VIP or a moderator must propose you and a majority must agree with this sugestion.
Many users think, posting a lot will help.
Posting a lot (they think) mean posting everything and without regards to rules or posting links for a day or for ten times and reposting again and again (accumulating posts), but this is a mistake.
You don't need to upload in other place (for big files) but posting only other's links without downloading before and checking or at least specifying - Not checked or Links verified but not downloaded - if you still verified the content will not lead to VIP but to warning points.
I believe the progress in forum is alike the progress in life or in profession so if you are a senior engineer and not because you married the boss daughter you know the way.
Warning points expire and i know some uisers begining with warnings and becoming medalists and i hope they will be VIP but must be a limit for the number of warnings and soon i will begin to ban users acumulating warns by derision to our forum.
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VIP Membership: A personal story

For all of you that want to be, or at least are curious about becoming VIP, here you have brief excerpts and hints about my case. (I think I am the latest member to become VIP.)

Although I wanted from the very beginning of CivilEA to have a VIP status, I didn´t do much to earn it. As time passed, I surfed ocassionally through the forum looking for whatever material I needed at that given time. I have always have in mind that if you need to say something it is because it will be really helpful for someone, otherwise not only you are not helping, but actually doing wrong as you may be misleading some guys. On that premise, my posts are focus only on what I know. If I have no knowledge/experience at first hand on the subject, then I won´t comment about it.

Then it turned out that my experience in the structural/earthquake engineering field helped a few guys. Also then I realized that a great number of our members are either students or fresh engineers, altough there are a good number of senior ones. So, in my case, helping others was kind of easy, as am a senior engineer, profesor and lecturer in some universities. Fortunately too, I have had the chance to gain experience in some high-profile projects in the "real world". I think that has been my humble contribution to the forum.

I know nothing about reverse engineering, decoding and cracking of software, so I can not help on that. But I have legal access to some technical resources in the Struct/EQ Eng. field, so I try to help on that whenever I can. In the same line, the fellow members of this forum that are good at reverse engineering and the like have posted here "medicine" for software that I have found very useful for my work. The key issue is: help others.

Anyway, CivilEA gives to me what other forums don´t: the opportunity to stay in touch with students/engineers from all over the world, to know what other engineers are doing, to stay in touch with good friends as Benny and Dell Brett, for example, to read some very useful hints regarding the use of specialized software or how a given technical situation was solved. Examples? If you are a structural engineer just have a look at the dcocuments posted by Benny, Veggeta and Rafik among others...

My final thought: Everyone is different, and so are the ways you can go through CivilEA. Just contribute with whatever you can as long as it is helpful to others and adheres to the forum rules. If youi give, you will receive, in this forum as in life.

What to expect in the VIP members area? Again, talking only about structural enginnering, believe me that you will find there very special publications that you will not want to miss. And above all, as BennyP pointed out, it is like growing in life... and you will feel very close to the great guys that admin and moderate this lovely forum.
Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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I read this post carefully. i keep it in my mind. I want to be a VIP member.
So try my best, do more contribution to the forum, furthermore, sharing my experince and knowledge.
To engineers who, rather than blindly following the codes of practice, seek to apply the laws of nature.
......T.Y Lin
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