All members know and apply rules .
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All members know and apply rules .
All of us know the struggle the moderators are in to make members applying posts according to the rules that serve this forum , so an idea i present here to improve the quality of posts and topics . Simply the idea is to send every (say) week a private message to every member with a one rule , the user can not continue his/here browsing before finding out the content of message and i think when we (members) find that the content is small ( just a one rule ) we will read it without any time consuming .
the message may be under the name " This week's rule " or any other title
the admin , protectors and moderators decide .
This great forum really deserves all good things , i found here a lot of things
i was searching for and many others also, so every idea i think it will improve this forum i won't hesitate to present to you .
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Making everyone aware of the rules has always been an issue with forums an i think will remain to be until those browsing tend to care enough to read them. I must admit i am guilty of being lazy and not reading them well enough.

I think the easiest way to address this problem is put a line in the info of the forum. For instance, i think posting thanks is an issue, put "DO NOT POST THANKS USE THE BUTTON" in the info underneath the Title. Or use "UNNESESSARY REPLYING WILL RESULT IN GETTING BANNED". Making them more apparent will have the desired affect. Plus having a better english speaking memberlist would help :)

Perhaps you could also do what i do. Make the user have to get 10 posts before being able to access certain sections. This way they could be taught the right way whilst learning to post.

Cheyne :)
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Dear AG.NAYEL and cheyne;
First of all, thanks a lot for your interest and suggestion to improve the forum quality and efficiency!
Secondly, this issue is frequently and deeply discussed in the moderator's forum, and yours opinion will be considered!

Please, keep active and other suggestion (from others members too!) will be appreciate!

Our kindly regards

Dell Brett (in name of all moderators!)
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