Chat Section in Header or Footer
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Chat Section in Header or Footer
I know the site is quite strict about replying unnessesarily and chatting. Could we have a AJAX chat section built into the footer for those who want to as questions and fear banning. My phpbb has one and its really simple to install.

You could even have a link to a seperate page if you wanted. Im sure it would help cut down on alot of the banning.
Cant edit the previous post. But here is a link to what my chat mod looks like
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I saw the chat style you wanna to be here , it seems to be good if it used only for the purpose you mentioned but i don't think it will be used for this!
it may reduce some unbeneficial posts but it breaks the forum's rules and also as i understood from the moderators posts at many topics will make the site subjected to dangerouse works .

in my openion i don't agree .
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The old users remember the chat section in the header. After about one month we decided to stop and i'm happy to not see every time entering the forum the - Hi and Hi,Hi, and other young babies interjections together with smiles and more smiles.
This is not another site between millions and even not another civil engineering site (i hope). By the way i saw other general software sharing sites stoping the use of this chat for the same reasons.
And dear cheyne, users can use the PM for private discussion (or the email). For a general discussion your suggestion is wonderfull but why you use a transparent link for that ?
Anyway it's better than this post - Haha sounds good. :) - (warn for repeating spam).
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