Staad Plate
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Staad Plate
I am having problem analysis a 600 x 600 x 10 mm plate in staad. with only self wt the stress are so high. I am attaching the staad input file, please check and inform what i am doing wrong.

The plate is intended to be a chequered plate cover over underground Pit.
Staad Plate

[Image: screen.png]
[Image: 72248410582195005212.jpg]

[Image: Download.png]

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[Image: info.png]
I saw the model and didn,t find any problem. You have to choice which result you want. Here are some fig to explain staad plate result.

[Image: screen.png]
[Image: 83708703919839107980.jpg]
[Image: 44600074212933457787.jpg][Image: 06340803732022944351.jpg][Image: 51455109612719140654.jpg]
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I have attached the absolute value from staad, i know you can check for different stresses but i can't understand how a 600 mm long plate with self wt only can have such high stress values. if you see in the model almost all stresses are very high. Maybe i am looking at it in a wrong way but i am confused.

I am sure many people here know the solution to the problem, please make time and reply.

You made an error in syntax while adding self weight load
it should be:


replace theese 2 lines, keep everything else the same and it works perfectly (ran it in staad2007).
deflection is about 0.02mm
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