Book Sharing in others Site/Forum
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Book Sharing in others Site/Forum
I cannot agree that in forum recent Eurocode post, the moderator warned that someone who shared in other forum/site will be banned. First of all, it is against the spirit of sharing with others, secondly most of the books here were copy from other sites too.
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I agree with the warning given by the moderator. This is a forum for sharing things among the members, not among the Internet.
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Dear Lamkin,

I spent a lot of time (almost two whole days) to compose thread, upload and check the files plus all of that I have a great respect to our member Peixoto who helped to gain all of those files and who had great will to share them among us - that is "one and only" reason why I put the NOTE. We, Peixoto and I, spent a lot of our precious time to help you, and now you have something against me (and maybe P)? I have great respect to all that you have to say and to all of your contributions to this great place called CivilEA, but show a little respect to P if not to me... I absolutely agree that those files should be able for sharing in other places (that's the spirit of sharing), and I agree - the EC wasn't something I magically created - but I put an effort in those thread and upload - if you like to share those files in other forums/ blogs, please do so, but make your own upload a/o thread - I respect that fully. Please understand - I'm not stingy/ chary person I would (really and frankly) help every user/ people with all the powers - but this time the thread was for the members of CivilEA - not for the members of some other web site/ forum/ blog... As I can remeber somewhere in CivilEA's rules stands that is forbidden to publish our exclusive files in other place (you can get 90% or more of warning points for doing that),... so I read the rules, I made some of them, do not say something unless you are apsolutelly sure in it.

With my best regards to you, dear Lamkin and dear all other members, I didn't want to hurt/ offend anybody, so please accept my deep apologies if I've done something wrong - but I believe everything is according to the rules of CivilEA - I read, respect and follow the rules fully.

If you still think that I'm wrong - we (mods) will have a talk/ chat and we would do something about the thread... no worries on that.

Kind regards
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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Personally, I feel that all the things we shared/wrote for all the honorable members of this great forum. Its not for the other forums/site. We also know that this forum has some sorts of rules and when we joined here, we accept or bound to accept all those rules (as we know without proper rules, nothing can go forward smoothly). So, if our forum has some rules of not sharing our info publicly, we, all members of this great forum, should honour it and work for this.

We see that new members are joining in our forum at a regular basis and if anybody is interested to share or to take help from our honorable members, can apply to this forum via register button. Then based on policy, they can continue.

I agree that many of the links are collected via internet searching. That doesn't mean we have to publish it publicly or other site. In this case, I would say someone uploaded those links to help others and some of our great members collected those and compiled the info (as per forum rule) and put together those links with info for our member helps. Sometimes, some of our members are doing the upload of his/her same file and give the links which are a great help for others (who dont have this). So, its our forum credit to put together all the information collected and compiled from different sources, which doesnt mean that we have to publish it. If our forum rules, dont permit to publish it publicly, how we can make argument when we accepted those rules prior to join in this great forum.

the opinion mentioned above is my own. I dont want to hurt any of our honorable member. I just wrote my position in this regard. I am sorry, if I wrote any langugae/anything which goes against the forum rules.

"Downstream is Weaker"
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I just want to give a comment/Opinion for the matter. Accept my apology if i have being harsh to anyone. As this was the rule of Civilea, then i shall respect that.

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As a site owner i must also agree with Grunf. I spend hours uploading, searching and modding things on my forum, for the members of my forum. And would be quite unhappy if someone were to take my stuff and distribute it around the net.

The last thing anyone should do is annoy those that spend their time(not always free time) trying to better the forum. I also think if someone with the reputation and post count of Grunf says something, users should listen.

Civilea is awesome :clap:
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What do you mean by "my stuff"? you spend time searching over the net and copy from other sites, put/upload it to the forum and consider it to be your stuff?
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