Eurocode thread and google search
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Eurocode thread and google search
I think the thread about eurocodes that is marked as important in Codes, Manual & Handbook should be reformulated, because there are several threads that have the latest versions. I think we should compile a complete package of the final eurocodes and make a "clean" thread with that. I can help with some final versions if you need.

Im my opinion, another subject that is "dangerous" to the forum is that when we do a search in google there are several civilea threads as results. I don't know if everyone feels the same, but i think if we could correct this it would be better to the forum....

Regards to all
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The first idea of organizing the Eurocodes it's a very good idea. The Eurocodes are important even for countries with good local codes and not affiliated to the European Standards.

For the second we can't stop the search engines to find us but this is the reason we warn users for transparent links and ask users to not reply text without reason. Every word make the task of searching engines easy and writing only for feeling important without realy telling something useful, asking for material already in forum as many lazy users do and this stupid behavior to reply full pages of others (using reply) for ask for a link or for nothing make the participation more dangerous not only for the forum but for the few users realy sharing good material.
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I'm interestet in redesigning the Eurocode thread, so every tip/ hint/ solution are welcome. Please be free to send me a Private Mesagge with any kind of suggestions.

With regards
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