FASTRAK / Portal Frame Input file
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FASTRAK / Portal Frame Input file
dear friends

if any one have input file for Fastrak Portal Frame module please upload

any one can advice if this software can create purlins and side rails and how to do it coz i dont see in the tool menu any modeling tabs for purlins or side rails

[Image: info.png]
this is taken from the help file:

"Using the Cold Rolled Sections Wizard
The Cold Rolled Sections Wizard allows you to define the size and type of purlin, side rail and eaves beam which you want to use for your structure1. Although the true graphical display of such members is beyond the scope of Portal Frame, which shows a single line, when you transfer the structure to 3D+ you will find that all the information relating to the section size, shape and position has been transferred correctly.

When you use the Cold Rolled Sections Wizard it maps the existing layout of restraints to your frame, overlaying these with the purlin, side rail and eaves beam details you specify. You therefore need to have defined some restraints in your structure before you invoke the Cold Rolled Sections Wizard. "

Basically; you need to analyse your frame and then add member restraints and check each member's stability. At this stage you should be able to run the cold rolled section wizard. The wizard should recognize your restraint points and place the cold rolled in these locations. (i don't normally use the wizard, but design cold rolled manually based on manufacturer safe load tables. the cold rolled will never show up correctly in the portal frame program.

regards, sheb
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dear seb101

any clue how to dreate the restrains, i need more help in the modeling if possible u mention what is the exact steps to that.

best regards
[Image: info.png]
i'm not an expert in the program but i'll try to guide you along.

at the link below you will find a book called "Design of single-span steel portal frames to BS 5950-1:2000". At the end of the book you will find an example of a portal frame design using fastrak portal frame. i highly recommend working through this example.

[Image: Download.png]

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To show purlins and side rails:
once an analysis has be run the member stability menu should show columns and rafters. double clicking on a column or rafter will open up a new window showing that member. the simplest way to create restraints is to use the "automatic stability check wizard". this is the last button on the stability toolbar. you need to create the restraints for all members.
It would be normal at this stage to add the stability checks and check member stability.

once all of the restraints are created you can double click on the structure heading in the workspace menu, this should open up a 3d view of the building. to show the purlins and side rails click on the building pulldown menu and then "BUILDING COLD ROLLED" from the bottom of the menu. Select the your side rail and purlin sizes and click ok. they should show up in the 3d view as lines.

this is a very brief description, the software help files will provide you with a much better tuition is the software

regards, sheb
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