Employment of Members
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Employment of Members
For the benefit of the unemployed engineers/members and also for the engineers who are striving to have a good experience internationally, is it possible to have a forum section regarding recruitment of the civilea members?
I mean if somebody who is employed in a good company wants to have a referral of a qualified professional within this site may post vacancy information in his/her company.
This section could also discuss the backgrounds of all engineering companies, good or bad, to give ideas on our members which company should be their next target. :yes:
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Dear Batman07:

I'll repeat what i sad in:
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"... Hi friends!
I'd like to remember that this is, essentially, a "non legal" software site, with a lot of c*r*a*c*k*s, medicines and non author rights publications sharing!
So, I do believe that isn't a good idea associate company's names and, certainly, colleagues names, cities, etc. in this forum!
My opinion is that is a good idea, but could be done in a new forum, specific to this, and all members of civilea forum have a option do follow it too (or not!).
It's just my point of view!

My best regards for all

Dell Brett
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