Steel-concrete composite plate girder bridge and concrete slab drawings
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Steel-concrete composite plate girder bridge and concrete slab drawings
Hi all,

I will highly appreciate if somebody could share some drawings about composite railway bridges (or highway bridge with similar cross section) with steel plate girder (with double composite action would be the best); general and detail drawings in *dwg (dxf) or *pdf are both welcome (I need primary drawings from the superstructure).
Here is my cross section (the bridge has three spans 45m-45m-22,86m):
[Image: crosssection.jpg]

Another request: I will be grateful if somebody could give me some advice or drawing about the reinforcement of the upper concrete slab. The bridge has Edilon direct fastening sytem (embedding the rail in elastic material) (no ballast) > almost concentrated force application, I checked the details of the fastening system and it seems to me that the baseplate doesn’t distribute the loads too much so I need a powerful reinforcing.
Reinforcement from the in-plane effect is ok, but I would like to know how engineers are solving the out-of-plane (plate) reinforcement of these bridges.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Engineering - the Art of Neglection
Hi all,

Since nobody responded and meanwhile the problems have been solved I thought I share my experiences and documents. I hope this encourage others to share as well.

1st: Drawings (the comments are on Hungarian):

The rar file contains the following drawings(pdf files):

* Preliminary drawing
* Tracks location on the bank
* Cross-section
* General drawing
* Details of the hogging area (double composites section)

[Image: 86494663718873764690.jpg]

[Image: Download.png]

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2nd: The requires additional reinforcement of the top concrete slab due to the force application (direct Edilon fastening system)

Without details here are two possible solutions:

Finite element model with 3D solid elements (one way slab), midas Civil 2010:

[Image: 94579373222678748122.jpg]

[Image: 97281174810633839595.jpg]

[Image: 67135020594773585735.jpg]

If you need further information, help about the top slab reinforcement or about the bridge's design please send me PM (I don’t want type so much, I’d rather answer specific requests). I’ve designed a double composite railway bridge according to EC, taken into account the effect of creep, shrinkage, increase of compressive strength with time step integration, construction sequence... just to mention few.

I hope if one face with similar problems these will help him/her.

NOTE: If you have any remark, suggestion about the drawings or the reinforcement please leave a comment! Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Engineering - the Art of Neglection
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