SLAB Design using STAADPro
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SLAB Design using STAADPro
Dear Experts of the forum,

i have tried to design slab using staadpro using plate element for IS:456:2002 but surprizingly it is giving me very high %steel. Slab is of 3.5X3.5 with loaded 10 KN/sq m. For 150mm thick slab it was giving me 16mm dia steel at 100mm c/c. i was shocked to get this... any advise... i do not claim to be good structural engg but still i know slab design via hand calc...


Hi Jacs,
Is it a flat slab or a slab for beam-slab type?? cos it depends on property of the element defined.

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Post your staad pro file so that we can check your design
its not flat slab but simple slab. will post staad file after reaching to office... i am out of office presently...anyone have expericne regarding slab design using staad... i mean what is the realiablity... under reinforced or over ...
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you exactly right me too had experience in past for the same reason, i had left doing design in staad pro as per i am in india i am using struds that a best software for no tension as it is simple and directly related load as we study while in engineering. now i am thank full to you for same reason may i will get what drawbacks are there in designing a slab in staad pro

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