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an alternative solution of keeping in touch
Current time: 10-27-2021, 01:07 AM
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Author: pssst
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an alternative solution of keeping in touch
Earlier this week I was alarmed to see a DNS error while trying to access the civilea forum, and soon realized there is NO other way of knowing what happened with the forum.., so I propose to create a private group on yahoo, google, microsoft... etc. as an backup/alternative way of getting in touch and do something if the forum goes down.

The group will only serve as a news propagator within the members of this forum and a way of keeping together this valuable community in case of a disaster.

So what do you think ?

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i beleive the admin has our email address and thus he can email us for an update, then again i also agree with your idea.
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May be a solution to stay in touch is creating a monthly bulletin that let us know by email about the featured and the request of the people, to take it into account and so we can help if we have the request information, I don't know but may be someone of the moderators could take this like a threads activity. It's just a suggestion because we appreciate the information found here.
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i agree ...
we will made a group ...
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  • concreteok, engr_waqar
for test only, i made new group in google
please join & suggest me anything that you want about this

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