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Hi All,
I thought would it be good if we create a group in facebook so Civilea would get famous and more exposure. So that more people can find it useful in turn they could contribute back. I want permission from Creator,moderators and members to do, so that there wont be any conflicts later. Comments on this??

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" 29:18
Would there be no legal issues that we can encounter because of this facebook or famous thing etc? Look at the mininova.com, what happened to them? For me I think its better to let us just stay as it is... Hey frankly we're enjoying this "free" materials from different sources but we know what is that "free" thing in mind... who knows the whole civilea might suffer in the future... it might also taint us civil engineers... just my thoughts... if you do not agree fine then... but for me I'm enjoying civilea as it is now...

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I think it is better to remain as it is. The site is famous enough and I wouldn't agree that more exposure is a good thing.
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We're now about 15.000 members in our forum and i think there are enough experts in any section of engeering.
I think it is better to remain as it is, too because what would happen if the number of members (threads) rise and rise?
The work of admin/moderators rises too and the quality of the work get worse.
So save the quality of our forum.
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..SAVE THE QUALITY OF OUR FORUM... Well said Flexi !!!
Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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I think this idea isn't good because Facebook could be dangerous to the life of civilEA. In my opinion the people who need to use the information available on the site usually are engineers who know exactly what they need, and some information we need we can ask our partners here. Is better it stay like it is.
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we prefer to be private ...
we prefer we focus on engineering tips not software or ...
may be we delete many user for being private ...
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Actually this forum is on internet and privacy had gone already but I think there is no need to do extra declination like Facebook. I also agree with focusing on engineering tips and from now on as to be an example, I decide myself only posting in that way. Thanks to all that were interested in my past posts.

I think this forum will stand forever with it's quality and be a guide to all civil engineers.
Any content in the links of this post is for evaluational purposes and not to be used in any other way. If you don't agree that, you must not use it. If it's not free and you're using it in any other way than evaluational purposes, you have to buy a licence.
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I would go in the other extreme and create an invite only forum just to keep out those who will want to disable the forum, I don't say that this will happen now, but in time while the popularity of this forum will increase and the numbers of redirecting links from google will increase as well, this may be the outcome... (I found that searching for software on google, on the second page or so. civilea forum appears... and this could only atract bad things)

I found this forum as a priceless education/information source and it changed my life in many ways... I don't want this forum to go down and I think neither do you.

Thank you all for this forum! thumbup

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Our community is a specialised one. Taking it to a place where we will have to deal with all calibres of people, to me, will not be the best thing to do. We have more than enough intellects in all the civil engineering specialisation that we can stand out and beat our chests and challenge others to dare us. We are great indeed and considering the fact this is not going down well with others (who may be, envy our current), it will not be wise for us to call for ourselves unnecessary publicity. For me, I do not like these social networks for anything. I made a mistake of trying to locate someone through them and since then, my silence and refuge was compromised. Now I receive lots of unsolicited letters from all races of people, as a result, I have no place to hide. We do not have to expose our beloved community to this “market place”. It will bring us lots of problems
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