Modelling a waffle slab in SAFE
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Modelling a waffle slab in SAFE
Dear friends,

I would very much apreciate the help of a CSi SAFE user, as I am learning this software to model a waffle slab (see attached picture), which will be post-tensioned in one direction.

I normally use Robot but I can't use post-tensioning with it, that's why I'm learning SAFE.

I've already seen the Watch and Learn videos series and played around with the program, but I've encountered problems even in this inicial stage.

1 - It doesn't have a database of european materials (unlike Robot). Is there a way to activate it or do I have to create a spreadsheet with all the concrete/steel/tendon properties and then add it to the program?

2 - I can't find an option to model a single post-tensioned beam with SAFE, without modelling a slab. Is there a way to do this or do you recommend another program?

3 - In the example of the picture I've attached, I can't model the exact geometry of the slab, because there are 2 types of thickness areas.
The overall thickness is 45cm, but in the areas that have the waffle moulds the thickness is 5cm.
When I assign the Slab1(45cm) and Slab2(5cm) properties to the areas, the program overlaps them both in the moulds areas. I mean, the program assigns the Slab1 properties to ALL of the slab area and then, when I try to assign Slab2 properties to ONLY the areas with moulds, the program keeps both of them in those areas instead of deleting Slab1. How can I model this geometry?

Note: in the picture, the blue shapes are the moulds, the black shapes are the walls and slab limits and the crosses are openings.

[Image: 47284428964646153772.jpg]

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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