Tekla 16 - my issues thread :)
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Tekla 16 - my issues thread :)
Hello and thankyou for this forum!

I am running your latest cracked version of Tekla 16, Im using it in the Steel detailing environment for Australasia.

I have successfully installed Tekla on 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate using t16x64.exe medicine (set to have admin privleges).

So far everything is running fine, I think - quite interesting software and yes I AM A FIRST TIME USER, but I usually pick up software very quick, ideas, solidworks, autocad, autocad diesel programming, inventor etc. So far tekla is a real breeze.

My main issue is my worries using cracked software and whether this affects its intended operating capacity - does everything work as it should? Everything is linked as it should be?

I am having a few issues with the numbering system and it not changing the part prefix from p to F (F for fitting) . The Numbering system seems a bit ambiguous - Part number, part mark, part position, default settings etc. I change one thing as per the F1 help files reccomendations and it seems nothing seems to change, hence my questins about the cracked versions authenticity.

If anyone can point my towards a comprehensive crash course of tekla numbering systems, that would be great!

There will no doubt be more questios to come....

Thankyou all!

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