Import data from excel to Autocad
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Import data from excel to Autocad
Dear all,

any one can explain to me how I can import Coronates from Excel sheet to Autocad 2009?

Thanks in advace.
Dear ahmed21z

• You can import coordinates from excel to AutoCAD by creating the script file.
• The format Autocad supports in x,y format.
• The x and y coordinate data normally placed in separate columns. For example a2 to a4 has x-coordinate data and b2 to b4 has y-coordinate data. By writing the following command in c2 will combine the x and y coordinate in same cell with comma separation

Cell c1 line
Cell c3 =concatenate(a2,”,”,b2)
Cell c3 =concatenate(a3,”,”,b3)
Cell c4 =concatenate(a4,”,”,b4)

• If you copy the cell range c1:c4 and paste in autocad command prompt will draw a line with the coordinate mentioned in column A and B.

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