Dynamic: Calculation of the Tower Period

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This spreadsheet
about calculation of the special period,
used simpson numeriacal integration method

.xls   calculation of the tower period.xls (Size: 27.5 KB / Downloads: 342)
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Dear Urbana,

thanks for this posting, but what formula to get "d (cm)" and "s.k" ?
there is only value not formula.

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dear robertsas
you should use sap2000 before using spreadsheet,

after using sap2000,you can view displacements,(d(cm))

if you can using simpson numerical integration method,you can type as me s.k value,

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Dear urbana,
This kind of information must be in the first post!

Keep active!

Dell Brett
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I am working on a new method for determining the period of the tower-like structures. This is an approximate formula, where you have to have the displacements. If you model it into SAP2000 you will get also the period. I am trying to derive a formula, based only on geometry.
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