Comparation: Autodesk Advanced Concrete and Autocad structural detailing
Hello felows,

In your opinion, between this software (Autodesk Advanced Concrete 2015) and Autocad structural detailing, which do you think is the best for 3D modeling concrete and reinforcemnt drawings, and also for measure the quantities of concrete and rebar?

Both don't exist no more.
The structural detailing was a sw with and old engine. Was no able to manage big
In the version 2015 Autodesk bought the graitec, and then 2 different SW were placed on the marked, advance steel and concrete. In the 2016 seems that only the steel will be on exit, and the concrete will be embedded on revit. At acquisition, the developpers of concrete were moved on revit (the resellers of graitec told me that)
So the struct detailing is dead, the important thing is if you want to move on revit.
We have to wait if the adsk strategy will change, but the rumors (and little more) are that.
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