What happen for CivilEA servers?
We are so sorry due to last problem in loading Civilea.com website.
Recently we have high load on old server, we decided to upgrade our main server, we migrated to a good and also expensive server at same datacenter, CivilEA is located on this datacenter in last 4 year and we really agree with it, they are expert, famous, friendly company.
Thus we start migrating to next level server, some problem are usual after migration, for example DNS problem. anyway after about 72 hours CivilEA was accessible in all around world. Unfortunately last night our new server crashed and we did not access to server from our location. We shall wait, only staff of datacenter can help us, they start to recover server, this is their last comment:" You were one of the very few clients that suffered a Raid 5 Disk Array failure. " Yes, unfortunately HDD of server crashed, and unfortunately due to latest migration we do not have online back up of forum, this mean we missed some data, unfortunately we backed to data of 5 days ago,We are so sorry for this issue, we worked hard to recover data, we are working non-stop on server during last week.

Our datacenter will report us about last issue in next week,
Be note that we missed data during last 5 days.I am so tired and sad, very bad chance....

some users that registered during last 5 days and also bought subscription plan, need to registered again, then send us their username and also previous payment detail here:

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we`ll upgrade them ASAP. we sent an email for this subject for all of them.


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