Plastic buckling of axially compressed circular cylindrical shells
Plastic buckling of axially compressed circular cylindrical shells

Author: Viggo Tvergaard | Size: 1.05 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Elsevier | Year: 1983 | pages: 25

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For elastic-plastic cylindrical shells with initial axisymmetric imperfections bifurcation into a non-axisymmetric shape is analysed. The shell material is represented by a phenomenological plasticity theory that accounts for the formation of a vertex on subsequent yield surfaces. The influence of various geometric and material parameters is investigated for a wide range of radius-to-thickness ratios. It is shown that for the thicker shells bifurcation generally occurs beyond the maximum axial compressive load. A few analyses for shells with additional non-axisymmetric imperfections show the unstable post-bifurcation behaviour and the sensitivity to imperfections of more general shapes.

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