[Request] How to Export ETABS/SAP model in STAADPro??
Good Day Everyone,
Does anyone know how to import ETABS/SAP model in StaadPro.
I tried but the Global Axes of these softwares doesn't match which causes some problems...
I used ACAD which ultimately have same problem...

I used the following commands:
1- Run ETABS model
2- File --> Export --> CIS/2 .stp File
( A window open
Click-- *Export Member Load Only
Click-- *Export Analysis Result) "OK"
3- Open StaadPro, goto File --> Import --> click* CIS/2 --> set path to "Etabs .stp File"
4- click* Import Model

File Imports but with "No Loadings" and "No Frame Sections"
Although half of the work is done by this method but still if anyone works further on it then kindly share how to Import complete model with loadings and section selection (specially STEEL Sections)

Thanx and Regards..

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