Superpave Mixture Design Guide
Superpave Mixture Design Guide

Author: WesTrack Forensic Team | Size: 1 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: Federal Highway Administration | Year: 2001 | pages: 23

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Superpave design methods and tools are being implemented by many State agencies to replace the Marshall and Hveem design methods. In 1999, 2,515 projects, specifying some 73 million metric tons of Superpave, were let.[1] The majority of the projects in 1999 and in previous years were constructed with little or no difficulty. On several projects, there were some problems during this initial implementation. For the most part, the causes of the problems have been identified and have been solved. In 2000, estimates were that more than 3,900 projects, specifying some 134 million metric tons of Superpave, would be let; this would represent 62 percent of the total hot-mix asphalt (HMA) tonnage expected to be contracted for by State agencies during 2000 in the United States.[1] Superpave has become the mixture design method of choice by most State transportation departments across the country.

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