Protocol on Request for New Upload Sites
Sometimes we see requests from members to have the links posted to new sites. For example, if the links are say to rapidshare, ifile and megaupload. The request may be to get the link to, say, 4shared or something else.

This somewhat mystifies me. If the links are working, I am able to access all of them. I would like to know:

Item 1 - Do we have members across the globe that do not access to some sites?

Item 2 - If access is not an issue, is it that the request is because the member may have a premium account to that specific site.

If the answer to Item 2 is yes, should this be entertained? Because, then it becomes a question of personal convenience for that member who does not want to avail the slower downloads of free service of all sites.
Nice questions, ravisbassi,

1- Yes! Some countries have restriction to access some public file sharing sites, for political or religious reasons. Also, some countries restrict the access to sites sponsored by pornographic ones!

2- No! Most of sharing addresses are for public access. One need not be a registered user (paid) to access! Public access have enough download velocity to be viable. Most important is a member connection velocity!


Dell Brett
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When we choose the download link, we choose as follows, but choices may change depend on download countries and time.

First Choice,, and
because no need to pay, and no need to wait.
but sendspace need to download within 2 weeks.

Second Choice
because no need to pay, and need to wait few secconds, or minutes.
but worth to wait, because 90% sure to get.

Third Choice, and some few sites,
because no need to pay, and need to wait few seconds, or minutes.
but sometimes show after waiting like that "download slot is full", or "your ip is already using" and need to wait several times again.

Some sites like cannot access with free account.

Reason for using free account is,
Average paid account for one site is $60 per year.
and there are many sites to be registered.
So we can afford only one or two sites to be paid, but cannot for several sites,
because we are not professional downloader or uploader.

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