Straus7 Select hidden
Does anyone know if it is possible to select hidden entities such as nodes in Straus7 without using the select by region option. I have looked everywhere but it looks like if you want to use the select tool to click and drag a region you want to select then only visible entities will be selected. Surely there must be a easy way to do this so ALL entities as selected?:dash2:

Thanks for any help you can give me.
:JC_handshake: please try to use select by region, then used view icon to hide or show the part that you want, I hope it work

Thank you for your reply however that is what I am trying to avoid. Instead of selecting by region I just want to drag a window across the screen and ANY entity whether hidden or not should be selected. At the moment only visible entities are selected. I agree I could use the select by region but I find this a rather cumbersome process for a very simple job. All FEA packages I have used to date allowed the selection of hidden objects which I why I am finding it hard to believe that a package like straus7 doesn't offer this.


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