Modelling Problem with Geocentrix REWARD Sheet Pile Design
I am seeking Geocentrix REWARD users for sheet pile wall design to advise me of the following:-
1) Can each sheet pile wall be modelled with 2 borehole, say Borehole1 at the retain earth side and Borehole 2 at excavation side?
2) I can model sheet pile with water table on both sides without seepage but having problem to use the "Linear Seepage Water Table" to model sheet pile wall with seepage at bottom tip of the wall. The water level at the excavation side is above excavation level and the water table at the retain earth side is much higher than water level at the excavation side.

Thank you for your advice.
Dear Learner,

You can model two boreholes .. define two boreholes and those can be assiged in Construction stages ...boreholes... and then click on the boreholes you want on retained side and excavation side.

For liner seepage, on excavation side if you try to make water table above the excavation surface then it gives error msg .. in directly you can do it by defineing imposed load on the excavation side. Define water as surcharge/imposed load on excavaion side. Well this will be on safer side... the worst case will be when water table is at excavation level so better to model that... you can define two water level and then in cosnt. stages ... water level... assigne those levels for retained and excavation side as per the defined level..

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