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Full Version: All Type Beam to Column Connections - Excell Sheets design
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All CivilEA Users;

Due to CivilEA bithday, you can buy all type connection design spread sheets (14 Type) in one package for special price 9.99USD for limited days.

These spread sheets cover all type connections that an engineer need to design:
  • All Types Beam to Column Flange Fixed Connection - BCFF1, BCFF2, BCFF3, BCFF4
  • Beam to Column Web Fixed Connection - BCWF
  • Beam to Column Flange Sliding Connection - BCFSL
  • All Types Beam to Column Web Sliding Connection - BCWSL, BCWSS
  • Beam to Column Slide Flange Hinged Connection - BCSF
  • Beam to Column Slide Web Hinged connection - BCSW
  • All Types Beam to Column Flange Hinged Connection - BCFH1, BCFH2
  • All Types Beam to Column Web Hinged Connection - BCWH1, BCWH2
All spread sheets are completely check and covers all requirement of AISC design code with refer to related clause. 

you can see all screenshots and information in related topics: 

[Image: download.png]

Cost: 999CEA

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