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About Us.
CivilEA is a NGO website that I am administrator of it (We are a team of administrator).
Moderators of CivilEA are valuable users of here. We do not have any salary or award to moderators/administrators for working here, and they work here because they love.
All subscription fee will be cost for improving CivilEA, We do not force any user to pay.
The money is used to improve the forum and no one must be a member or to pay if he thinks is not fair.

Dear all,
For your information I want to say I (admin) and all other moderators are friend in WWW and we do not know others in true life, even we do not know true name and age of others. And this is a fact of virtual life in the WWW.
I promise you CivilEA will be improving more and more. Our man property is our active users  that made CivilEA bigger and bigger.

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