WS Project Management
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WS Project Management
Dear is my new sheet..hope u like it
WS Project Management by coolestbliss
This excel sheet is written in VBA with excel. This is based on an idea to manage all the resources and file systems of a project in a presentable good looking form unlike traditional windows explorer file system.

It has following features:-

* It displays all the subfolders and files of project directory.
* You can specifiy file extensions filters to view only those specific files.
* Files can be opened directly in their respective programs right away by clicking on the file name from this sheet.
* You can highlight the cells based on their completion progress in table format.
* All project structure is under one sheet so better to control, you can have more than one workbooks or can make copies of this file for a single project if its on the larger scale for each part separately.

What data input is required from USER?
* Please enable macro when you open this sheet.
* You have to put the names in Green and blue fields exactly as per your directories in the project folder. Initially it looks rough but for the first time you have to do that.

Incase of errors, suggestions, feedback or contact
Please contact me on CIVILEA, my blog mentioned above or throw me an email at [email protected]

Copy rights
I believe in sharing knowledge so you can pass this sheet to your friends, can use it in office for free and it has no limitations or demos. You can even modify or change it and improve its efficiency, but i would love if you inform me too if you have some better ideas.

* If you select something in listbox and then mouse scroll...the sheet will hang..well its a known issue in excel..not specifically in my trying to disable it..but i need help..

* In some computers a required dll may not be present in windows/system32 folder...if this is the me..

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