To create Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Group
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[Request] To create Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Group
Dear Sir,

As up to now there are two division groups for this great workshop.
However I would like to suggest to create another group that use Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro for Analyse and Design the building structures, and base on US code (ACI, AISC......)

I hope there are many other members support this group as well.

Best regards,

Dear Rkce,

Thanks for your support and respons.

Unfortunately, your request is have no respons from member of this forum.

I am sure there's a lot of engineer in this forum that qualified in this software (ROBOT STRUCTURAL) like you.

---------------Only for this software (ROBOT STRUCTURAL and base on US CODE). ----------------

I ask forum floor:

" if any body capable with this software, I invite you to respons with Private massage to Rkce and CC to me.
and do not forgett to send your short describe of your qualification too.


Best Regards,

Robert Sasmita
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Dear Robertsas and colleagues.
I think it is very good also open to other software for two reasons:
1 - We now have a "counter-evidence" to controversial points;
2 - It will allow one to trace the dispersion curve results.

Of course, we could not get away from the focus and not have projects that fail as moderate within the parameters already set, but I think nothing prevents them being made ​​and discussed in an "alternative software".

If someone is not familiar with the software specified, In my point of view we needs to encourage him to use the software that they use and be welcome! But must be known that we have no condition to make full support!


Dell Brett
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