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CivilEA Virtual Workshop 2011 - Discussion Room
Dear workshop members,

As per request of our Workshop 2011 head, robertsas, I opened this new thread. Here you can discuss about your problems, difficulties, ideas and make suggestions as the workshop goes.

To DO:
Ask for the solution of your problem,
If you have some ambiguities related to the Workshop, please state them here,
Share your ideas with each other,
If someone gets stuck, help him/her,
Discuss about everything and anything related to the workshop,

Please, do not chat or mingle here (this thread is not a place to find out where our members commes from nor who they are - PM does this purpose),
Do not use CAPS LOCK in your posts all the time - it is considered as shouting,
Do not argue,
Do not make here any requests related to e-books or software,

All of the rules made for the CivilEA forum goes for this thread as well. So watch for transparent links, making spammy Thanks posts, making long quotes, etc.
All of the CivilEA members can involve to the discussion if needed. Every single idea and a bit of help is more than welcome.

With regards,

p.s. If something needs to be added to this post, if you don't agree with some of the rules I wrote above in the post and if something needs to be changed, please inform me via PM and I'll do the changes as soon as posible. Protectors and Admin you are more then welcome to make changes to this post and to add a sentece ot few, no questions asked.
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Thank a lot Grunf you are the best.

Dear Colleagues, Member of Workshop Team..

First of all I want to say, Thank You so much to respons and want to be apart of this Team.

I am sure we all are very busy with jobs/works, study as Lecture and or student, etc.

For this moment, (from +/- 27000 member of this forum),

I have the list who has response to join this Workshop Team.

1. thebeatles

2. Dell Bert

3. Giga

4.ingenierobou ---- NOT RESPONS (ingenierobou not yet send me his/her qualification)

5. aidil01 ----- NOT RESPONS (aidil01 not yet send me his/her qualification)


7. mailmaverick


9. Ranger


11. Miquan


Hope ingenierobou and aidil01 respons me soon...

I have already ask Admin for the Brief of Design (B.OD) of this project and the drawing CAD.
Unfortunatelly, Admin PM me to out of this forum for 3 days.

Note : The registration still open until Admin send the document of this project, please PM me..

Robert Sasmita
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Dear Colleagues,

I know all of you are buzy man/women and also a profesional workers .

Some question ask me when and how we start...

That is not simple to running this big group, but I am sure all of we has been prepare our self.
I wont push you for this job...

Honestly, I am waiting the B.OD (Brief of Design ) From Admin (MohsenG).
The BOD for me is the Main Guidline for all diciplines (Arch, Struc, ME).

But nevermid, Let's few days to learn about the architechtural drawing, if there some question about drawing, please send me email to my Private Email (I Will PM all of you)

I hope all member has do self preparing (File or document for detailing design that we have must be discuss before we use them in this job), not only preparing for modelization, I think the most important is the PROCESS DESIGN.

After we seen and learn about the architechtural drawing, we must prepare for the preliminary dimension (the drawing still in ARABIC, Hope Admin could change in ENGLISH), we must discuss about retaining wall system for basement (Geotechnical data has not send yet from Admin), also we mus discuss about structural system and than we will go to the next step ...... "Modelization".

I will help with share my file and document for preliminary phase, hope all of we could help too.

Robert Sasmita
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please explain more about BOD...

Generally condition as below:
  • Steel Material: ST37 (or A36), with minimum yield stress 2400 kg\cm2 & minimum ultimate stress 3700 kg/cm2.
  • Concrete: Minimum compressive strength for cylindrical: 250 kg\cm2
  • Soil Stress & soil Type: give you later
  • IMF (Intermediate Moment Frame)`ll be used.
  • Ceiling system is Composite (Filled slab or solid slab)
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About the conditions:
  • Steel Material: ST37 (or A36), with minimum yield stress 2400 kg\cm2 & minimum ultimate stress 3700 kg/cm2.

  • Concrete: Minimum compressive strength for cylindrical: 250 kg\cm2

  • Soil Stress & soil Type: give you later

  • IMF (Intermediate Moment Frame)`ll be used.
    In your country is allow to use IMF until 37 m height?
    According to ASCE 7-10 Table 12.2, IMF can only use it in SDC B, C and D (until 35 feet - 10 m) but is not allow in SDC E and F. The seismic load is that low?
    We are gonna use IMF and both ways of the building?

  • Ceiling system is Composite (Filled slab or solid slab)

All the best
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Hello MoHsenG!

The Briefing Design is the first document created for define all the parameters has to be consider in the estructural analysis and design. This document is created usualy in the conceptual part of the project (first step) after of conception of the idea of the project.

The BD (for this or any particular project) has to contain the follow information as may be needed:

1.-Estructural system to use.
- Steel Structure.
- Reinforced Concrete Structure.
- Mixed Estructure (Steel-Reinforced Concrete).

We already know this topic.

2.- Which Codes for anlysis and design we have to be consider?.

We need to complement this part because not only AISC 360-05 and AISC 341-05 are the only ones mandatory. In another quote I´ll make a list of all that i consider we need to have in mind.

3.- Which conection system we are goin to use?

- Welded system.
- Bolted system.
- Mixed (bolted and welded)

Not all the conections can be bolted and not all can be welded.

4.- Quality of materials to use?

Not only steel, concrete, reinforcement but also electrodes, bolts, anchors, plates, grout, studs, even painting ...

5.- Type of frame sections to use. I, H, Box, Pipe, W, Square, Rectangular, other shapes... and the comercial length (6, 12 meters?).

To not make a long quote i´ll continue in another.
6.- The Unit System to use. Imperial, SI, Metric, Other?

I'd rather metric with a littel variation:

Force: Kgf or Tonf
Mass: Kg or Ton
Length: mm ('cause it's a steel structure)
Area: m2
Stress: Kg/cm2
Reinforced rebar,bolts, weld : inches
Volume: m3
Elevation: m

This is a suggestion only...

7.- Seismic design level to use?

OMF, IMF, SMF, SBCF, etc, etc

8.- Load Cases to be considered?

Dead (self weigh), Super Dead, Live, Roof Live, Reduced Live, are easy to determine, but what about the accidental load cases like quake, wind, snow, rain, temp, earth pressure, others? We need all the parameter for his determination.

9.- Finishes and mechanical environments for load estimation.

10.- Floors and ceilings system to use.

If is a concrete soffit as a metaldeck, we need to know if it is supported by secondary beams and whether with or without bracing. Or we can use one way or two way reinforced slabs, or a solid slab?

11.- The soil parameters can be provided later and they are not needed to start, but in some moment they´ll be necessary to finish the job.

These are just a few thing we have to know before start the project, if i miss something please tell.

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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for helping to make all clear about the information.

I think some information that missed from MohsenG, should we specify and agree together by all Workshop Member (depend on Material use from code).

This process is most important before we start (thats why an engineer are needed).

I hope the US Code (CSI Software) and BS Code (Staadpro Software) should be discuss for BOD and try to make BOD together base on code use.

For for Unit system, I think is better use SI system, need respons from team, and tell me why..

This is the example of BOD base on BS Code (hope our BOD must better than this).

If you have better example from my example, please share and we discuss together..

Robert Sasmita

Attached Files
.pdf   DESIGN BRIEF Example.pdf (Size: 351.9 KB / Downloads: 149)
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Greetings to all workshop team.

Mohseng specified that the superstructure (above ground level) will be of steel and the codes and standards to be used will be AISC360-05 & AISC341-05. Can we work with the latest versions of it (2010) to be updated?

The U.S. codes that I think will be necessary to consult for the project are listed below (they all are in the CivilEA forum).

AISC 360-10 (Specification for Structural Steel Buildings)
AISC 341-05 (Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings)
AISC 358-05 (Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications)
AISC 303-10 (Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges)
AISC-ASD Manual of Steel Construction – Allowable Stress Design.
AISC–LRFD Manual of Steel Construction – Load Resistence.

Among the other codes that we can consult for reference are the following:

AWS Structural Welding Code-Reinforcing Steel.
ASCE 7-10 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures).
RCSC 2010 (Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts)
SCI Joints in steel construction: Simple Connections - Publication P212, 2002. (this is a British publication)

We have not talked yet about the code for the RC. I imagine that will be the ACI318-08.

All these along with design guides, handbooks, manuals, etc. We all need to have the same files.

The BS team has to make their list of codes that they're gonna use.

Again, if i miss something, please tell us...

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About Units to be used, I agree that the Final RESULTS must be in SI UNITS.
Naturally, everyone is free to use the unit system that is familiar. But even as an exercise in international design practice, it is desired that the results are always shown in SI.


Dell Brett
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Dear all team members,

I total agree with mccloud_1 about all Code and Specification. Additional Code and Specification for testing of component will be updated later in the process of design for completion( test pile, concrete, steel, bolt or weld...)

Dear mccloud_1, you seem to be familiar much with US code, can you prepare the " Design Brief" for us to follow through the project. The link below is the " Design Brief" of my project in my country base on local code for your reference if needed. Obviously, you can make it with a better version base on your.
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

Best Regards,
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