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I would prefer Staad Pro V8i, Have been using it for sometimes, don't know about the latest version.

What do you say BS Staad Team ?

Im using STAAD Pro. V8i
We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.
Dear Team and Colleagues,

Until now, I did not get new information from Admin... :(

So, I had been made some "preliminary design structural dimension" for the building (Upper Structure).

For Office :
-SIDL (exclude Self weight of Steel beam and Slab) = 2 kPa (include light partition)
- LL= 2.5 kPa. (office Loading)

For Parking :
- SIDL (exclude Self weight of Steel beam and Slab) = 1 kPa (No tiles only floor hardener)
- LL= 4 kPa. (Car Loading)

For Garden Roof :
- SIDL (exclude Self weight of Steel beam and Slab) = (17 kN/m3 x 1 m height) = 17 kPa
i dont have any information for soil height.
- LL= 2 Kpa... (roof Water Tank Possibility)

1 kPa = 1 kN/m2

This Loading assumtion I make to suggest the dimension, Except Impact Loading for parking above Ground, Vibration, etc...only Dead Load and Live load.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I suggest to use metal deck for all slab on level above Ground (any another suggestion ?)

Note: Sorry if I seem slowly because I have some project to do in my office and my private projects.

I will sent the structure prelim in our free server and email.

Suggestion :
This Workshop Team for Learning and sharing with ecah other, We will use the software If we complete the Preliminary Design.

Robert Sasmita

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sorry for my delay;

please list me any deficiency to provide it for you if possible,
these days I`m busy for changing our server,

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please give me your schedule for finishing modeling in SAP, ETABS or other program,
we are missing time...
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not any activity on this topic, I hope have more activity here in future, I don`t like to close this topic, but if continue as this level I should close this section,
we want to finish basic model soon, I want you to list me any information that you need but no answer for long time....


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Hi All,

This is just a suggestion. How about if the one that we will all model (with any software) will be a building that is already built and all architectural, structural plans and details was already prepared (maybe reinforced concrete building with concrete core). We will all use the same design criteria and discuss the output or any problem along the way. In this way I think, we can move faster.



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