Slimdek residential pattern book
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Slimdek residential pattern book
Slimdek residential pattern book

Author: Corus | Size: 0.88 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: Corus | Year: 2004 | pages: 40

[Image: 99205523678779944766.jpg]

[Image: info.png]

Slimdek® is an engineered flooring solution developed to offer a cost-effective, service-integrated, minimal depth floor for use in multi-storey steel-framed buildings with grids up to 9m x 9m.

Slimdek extends the range of cost-effective steel options for modern buildings. Ease of planning and servicing, combined with a reduction in building height, gives significant cost and speed of construction benefits.

Slimdek is especially economical for highly serviced buildings. Flexibility of routing services without constraint and the ability to accommodate services between the ribs can lead to substantial savings in the cost of the structure and the service zone is much removed .

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