Poll: Would you as a Manager or Engineer use Pave Air or Micro Paver??
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PaveAir vs MicroPaver
Current time: 10-20-2021, 11:01 PM
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[Request] PaveAir vs MicroPaver
Hi all,

I am posting this as a way i can get your opinions on these two softwares. If you dont already know. PaveAir is made by the FAA and MicroPaver is made by the armycore of engineers. They are used in Pavement Management Systems around the world. I have been researching several airports which i am going to be developing a PMS guide for the smaller airports but i am stuck on which one i should recommend. Each have benefits and each have cons . I do not want to put a personal judgment but a choice based on user use. If anyone wants the software i can get it for you or show you how to install it. but for now please let me know your opinions about each or both.

as an update i have so far created 2 databases to compare both software.

I have completed the data collection of a small 4 lane airport that has 100-300 flights a day . and am in the process of loading them into the PMS system as we speak. In about 2-4 days i will post a tutorial of my work . If anyone has issues or questions on using the software i dont mind helping i feel like a pro now.


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