!!!! CivilEA Virtual Workshop STARTS !!!
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!!!! CivilEA Virtual Workshop STARTS !!!
I think we need to stop saying i will join or whatever..it will cause of flooded thread of useless post..It is very clear that majority like this Admin idea. We are thankful with him. We will wait admin will post the architectural drawing and other required details to start this virtual workshop..
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Good idea reynand_d. And closing this thread is the better solution, so i closed it.
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Open this topic again ....

please discuss about procedures that you suggest, any suggestions, ...
don`t reply "i`m ready"....
please discuss ....
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some more thoughts on it:

1. I think it would be nice to create a easy guide from this project. We should make a design, modeling and calculation that is easy to understand, follow, repeat and also can serve as a reference document to current and also future engineers.

2. It would be great if we could work in several cycles or iterations and on each one increase the level of detail. For example as a start we do an overall calculation of the structure, then we make the calculation of specific elements in detail. For example we can model some detail separately in ABAQUS or similar - just to show that everything is possible (perhaps some steel fire escape stairs or steel truss joint).

3. Next, we should make a price estimation of the project. The nice part of this step is that the estimation will not give only a price - actually that is not the point of this. The estimation should give volumes and weights in an excel table as well as man hours, transportation (ton*km) and machinery needed. To this ones we can add the respective prices and get a lump sum (excluding only taxes on construction and property registration)

4. We should then make the schedule. This is the exciting part :mail1: We will try to perfectly level the resources and to finish everything as soon as possible!

5. ALL parts of these guide shall be of the highest standard. There should be no calculation mistake, no bad quality work or bad writing. We are professionals and we should come to conclude with a superb project and outputs. This means that everything will be checked and rechecked by several people before considering it final.

6. At the end the document should have only ONE formatting style, just as it was made from one person.

7. Before we start, we should get organized: Let's create groups or imaginary departments like we would have if we were a construction company called CivilEA. Admin should create perhaps some sticky posts with the group names: e.g. Architectural, Structural_General_Analysis, Structural_Detailing, Structural_BIM, Structural_Dynamics, Estimation, Scheduling, Rendering, Construction codes, Technical writers, Document controlling, Formatting, Review and (to coordinate all) Management. Each user that wants to participate in each group should reply to the post by saying: "I want to be part, I can dedicate X hours a week from my time for this group". Users can be part of several groups if they feel comfortable but must be committed to work in each team like it is their only one. Each group or team should have one coordinator that is arbitrarily selected by the Admin. The team coordinator communicates his groups result with the other team coordinators so that the group members have specific tasks instead of being chaotic and having 100 questions each. This way everyone is productive and efficient.

8. Each communication with the groups (I mean the documents, calculations, drawings and NOT discussions) should be made accessible to everyone step by step, so we have a good understanding of all the project at every step.

9. Everyone that wants to be part of the project should have the chance to do so. By being part and offering your time to the team(s), the Admin should grant access to a certain area of the forum which can be accessed by the project members only. This is not the VIP area, but the concept is the same, it will be the area of this project.

10. All the work at the end should include credits of the people who worked in it (either the names or nicknames, as each one prefers) and should be given as a full copy to each member of the project. This work should not bear a copyright from no one, it is a community project! :hunter:

11. A continuous assessment should be done by the admin, moderators or group leaders during and at the end of the work in each group. The project members who do a good job and are dedicated to the project should get some upgrade or points or whatever is best for stimulating and showing appreciation.

12. While we post in the special project area of the forum, our posts should not appear in the post feed, since it may "disturb" the other forum members. Instead of that a moderator can post one daily post informing very briefly how each group is doing, if more members are needed to join some group and so on...

13. Time is not of the essence here. Maybe it will last 2 weeks, maybe 3 months. What I would consider important is the quality of our work.

I hope you will like (at least some of) my suggestions. I repeat, they are only my suggestions. :JC_cheers:
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Dear Admin,

As pointed out above and as noted before it is advisable to first define the the Project Specification and DBR, in order to let the team who is going to build up the project to have the complete idea on what they are going to follow to complete successfully.

As for as my work experience goes any project can start only if there is a specification to follow and stick on to.

As Admin is the one who is going to make the archi drawing (as per my understanding) you are bound to make a "Project Specification" first before Civilea begins the Virtual Workshop.

Please correct me, if am wrong.


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In which software there will be modeled the infrastructure. Underground parking structure will consist of what kind of walls: embedded walls, diaphragm walls, secant pile walls.
I can calculate the embedment depth and , bending moments , shear forces and the displacements in all 3 DA used in EC7 and DA 2* used in EAB Method (German method).
I hope that would be good!

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some suggestion

1. Since this is a virtual workshop, I think that the project will also be virtual and can also be real.
2. We need a master document or a format which will be used in the project, and get it sticky, the document will be standardly use in the project activity.
3. The creator of the project need to specify the load and other other information which is necessary to the project.
4. Since this is for workshop I agree that everyone (family of civilea) can take part in the project, and can get some points too.
5. After the work of the project it should only bear civilea copyrighted, and people who use it for commercial should ask the leader team of project and other members who involves in the project for their permission and etc.
6. I believe we need a milestone or a schedule so that it resembles real project.

If there's another suggestion I'll definitely post it here...
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if our server load is OK, architectural drawing will be upload tomorrow....
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all things is good Happy
we`ll upload first workshop DWGs next day.
all user can see drawings within 24h & then tell me whom want to modeling,analysis, ...
I`m leader of first workshop, for next workshop other user`ll be leader ....


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