Celebrate 10th Anniversary of CivilEA.com
(12-24-2018, 06:51 AM)Administrator Wrote: I want to repeat again, we are nothing without you, CivilEA will be bigger if you want.

Really I want to say the same words but about myself (I'm nothing without CiviLEA )
my join date was 04/04/2009 and I still remember my happiness feeling when I received the acceptance message from Civilea
during 10 years ago CivilEA was learning me more and more till I became professional engineer in the steel field , moreover I became fabricator
So, I'm debtor to  CivilEA  by all success in my engineering life
So, if you want to talk about Civilea you have to say if you want to be fair
CivilEA is our College
CivilEA is our University
CivilEA is our Home
CivilEA is our Engineering World

realy, no sufficient words to give CivilEA rights  
from my heart, I thank all CivilEA moderators ( present and retired )
special thanks to @Administrator
special thanks to @BennyP , who turned my engineering life 180 degree
at the end
the person who doesn't thank people, he doesn't thank ALLAH  
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