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Abaqus earthquake - panosrxo - 03-24-2010

Hello, I have started working with abaqus because I want to perform some detailed nonlinear dynamic analysis. I have the time history of an earthquake (acceleration-time). I have created an amplitude with these values, but I dont know how to create the acceleration load. Please help.

RE: Abaqus earthquake - chingyxxl - 10-07-2010

Usualy the earthquake load it's used with the boundary condition,so that amplitude that you created you will use for a acceleration boundary conditions for the direction that u need.Apretty good example for this you can find in the abaqus documentation example problems concrete dam.

RE: Abaqus earthquake - metto - 10-10-2010


You can prepare your acceleration in input text file and copy and past it in *.inp or use CAE ....
By the way, I myself believe that using ABAQUS for nonlinear dynamic analysis of a framed-structure is similar to kill a fly by a hammer......take care about that and take your time..