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Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - Administrator - 12-24-2018

Dear All;

10 years ago on "24-Dec-2008" Civil Engineering Association (CivilEA Forum) was born. Before this date, originally we start our works with "" weblog on "12-April-2007".

Last year we opened CivilEA shop, it is great change in forum and we will here more about it later.
We are trying to open CivilEA Virtual School at this year, we want to start online education at CivilEA.
We are contracting with new developer manager to doing technical issue on site.
I want to repeat again, we are nothing without you, CivilEA will be bigger if you want. Any community or company will be grow behind their fans. We are only the provider of a virtual community for you, and you are the main column of this website.
I want to say thanks gain to all users that support us to be live. special thanks to our moderating team that works 7/24 hours on CivilEA, they spend valuable time here free to help others.It is very difficult to organize big forum like CivilEA and our moderators do it excellent.
Love you:

My special thanks to my Deputy "BennyP" that help CIvilEA for more than 9 years, Thank you dear BennyP;
I thanks to all users that contribute their knowledge here.

Special Thanks to our retired moderators:

cod-X(our first moderator that started his work from our weblog).
Ultra Zone
robertsas (Long time no log in, where are you? anyone know?)

CivilEA is standing on first level of all Civil Engineering website all around the world. Anyway quantity is not important and our main concern is quality. We are happy to say that CivilEA is #1 in quality too.

Users: 176554 total users (118290 after deleted some inactive users)
Posts: 99615
Threads: 29985
Average Posts per day: 27.30
Average Threads per day: 8.22
Members per day: 32.41
Posts per member: 0.84
Threads per member: 0.25
Replies per thread: 2.32

As always, we love hearing your feedback (good and bad) about site content and what sustainability questions you have. Keep sending your tips, news and comments to us.

Thanks for reading and here’s to making CivilEA forum even better.

You can use our special offer to join CivilEA (For New users and expired subscriber users only, by promotion code
  • 18.0 $/Year for 1-Year subscription now is 12$/Year.
  • 16.5 $/Year for 2-Year subscription now is 11$/Year.
  • 14.7 $/Year for 3-Year subscription now is 10$/Year.

10th Anniversary of

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RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - rami1976 - 12-24-2018

Thank you Admin
Wishing Civilea to grow more and more , this is due to a good team supporting it.
I wish this forum will become more and more efficient and valuable.
about the idea "We are trying to open CivilEA Virtual School at this year" , it is a great idea , and to be more specific , we need some exclusive materials to make this forum more and more attractive.
after all , i wish Civilea long life and all the staffs ( admin , deputy , moderators , subscribers , VIP ..) merry christmas and happy new year in advance

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - ssamis - 12-24-2018

Admin Congratulation for your success and providing with immense knowledge having value which cannot be priced.
Thank you All on behalf of all members. Consider me for Civelea Learning;

Thanks Again

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - usmank94 - 12-24-2018

Thankyou Admin for the hard work and making life easy for us , I wish you for more success in future.

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - Williams - 12-24-2018

Great management, great admin, great people. Am happy to be part of this group.

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - Ahmedzayat - 12-25-2018

Congratulation, sad I was 10 years late before joining in.

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - sabooryan - 12-25-2018

Congratulations and a special thanks to admins and content contributors. very good forum.

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - cod-X - 12-25-2018

hi Dears
it was my pleasure to be first Moderator. In this case I want to thanks everybody that contribute and keep growing the forum.
Happy 10-Anniversary my best forum.

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - civilnextgen - 12-25-2018

Great team in great website , Thanks for your hard work

RE: Celebrate 10th Anniversary of - rimrany - 12-25-2018

Hi Admin & Moderators,

I am a huge fan and followers of this site for a long time and must say this is one of the best site for Civil Engineers in terms of quality of service. Thanks Admin & Moderators for gr8 job, keep the spirit high, and best of luck for future projects.