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FAST LINK or TORRENT LINK - Mrphung - 07-13-2017

Regarding to the post:

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Thank you so much for the post! This is one of the most thing I need for now, but maybe you don't know that I come from the really poor country on the earth, so I'm poor as my country where I live. I don't have too much money to pay for the download's webpage that you put the setup program on, so I was waiting for 24 hours to download this program come to my computer. So can I request Admin one thing? You can do me a favour that you should give me or someone like me a link that easy to download with high speed for the next time you post.

Moderador note:

Post moved to FREE DISCUSSION section.

RE: FAST LINK or TORRENT LINK - Dell_Brett - 07-13-2017

Dear Mrphung, dear members:

- The group owner, administrator and moderators does not create links and/or make uploads in free or personal accounts! Here, we only share existing links found around.

Of course, here we have many committed and dedicated members who upload files, sharing them with the group. But this is an exception and a voluntary and altruistic work.

Rest assured that, if someone find a torrent link, or a good quality (free and fast) links/server, It'll be shared here!