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VENEZUELA - Criteria and minimum action code. - anfaga - 11-26-2015

VENEZUELA - Criteria and minimum action code.

Author(s)/Editor(s): COVENIN | Size: 1,90 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Fondonorma. | Year: 1988 | pages: 123

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Every building and every one of its parts should have the strength, rigidity and stability necessary to perform satisfactorily and safely to limit states that may arise during its lifetime. Consequently, the architectural project will enable efficient structure to resist any measures that may affect the building, with particular attention to seismic activity. In addition, special care will be taken in the light bracing buildings.

These standards establish the criteria and minimum requirements for the actions to be considered in the design, manufacture, assembly and construction of buildings that run in the country. These rules will apply to new buildings and to the modification, extension, reinforcement, repair and demolition of existing buildings both. Temporary or interim work must also comply with these provisions.

As appropriate, these Rules shall apply in the draft other structures such as bridges, silos, grain elevators, tanks, reservoirs, etc., provided they do not conflict with specific technical standards and criteria for action on such constructions . In buildings that use non-traditional building systems in addition to the actions set forth herein, shall be taken into account that particular system were used.

The actions defined here are the service or use, apply both classical theory and the theory of limit states.

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