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Low Stability Download Servers Comments - malc - 07-07-2014

[Free Discussion] Low Stability Download Servers Comments

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Good day to all
Since some time ago, it has been published material of great interest to me and guess some others on this great forum. This being something that i appreciate and beforehand really thankfull. This comment in no way is a critic or anything else to change the way working on it.
Rather serious demand for technical recommendation and reflection with respect to the following.
The materials of interest are published on servers that I think are very unstable in terms of the link with them and i do not mean speed as there are several free servers with very low speed but high stability that allow download for hours at low speed and the end result will be a successfull download but others will be very difficult to obtain the before mentioned result in files larger than 5mb.
Don't know if it is an ip zone restriction or other but ill be very happy with your kind comments in terms of the present discussion.
Best Regards malc

RE: Low Stability Download Servers Comments - Mohammad6299 - 07-07-2014

Dear malc,

Libgen allows a limited number of connection from every IP address. I think the maximum number of connection is 3. You can not download multiple files together and the files should be downloaded one by one.

I recommend you to use "Internet download manager" to download files from Libgen.

Schedule downloads using Internet Download manager (downloading files one by one automatically):

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I have set the maximum number of connection per file to 2 for Libgen:

[Image: 01175433026712806599.jpg]

Best regards,

RE: Low Stability Download Servers Comments - cace-01 - 07-07-2014

Dear malc

I totally agree with Mohammad. I am also using download managers like flashget and download in series files from libgen one at a time. I even Schedule downloads during nighttime and set the download manger to shut down the system soon after the completion.



RE: Low Stability Download Servers Comments - malc - 07-08-2014

Really appreciate your kind replies, over the years I have used vitys free rapid downloader which has dedicated plugins to several download servers, simple to use and very good service of plugins updating really trusty by the way but I think (not sure) wont allow to use servers without vitys plug ins so ill better turn my eyes into IDM too.
And yes believe me when trying to download from libgen I use extreme measures and caution in order to get the file (single dedicated download, stoping services and background on my computer, even the flies has to be out of here, etc) and even with this got a rate of failure for files more than 10mb over 95% using of course the internet explorer downloader.
Really thankfull, Best Regards.

RE: Low Stability Download Servers Comments - malc - 07-08-2014

Confirmed, the use of IDM allows for succesfull downloads every time (4 tests until now) without failure really a good techie soft. this reply is made for those following this discussion.
thanks for your support.