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Structural details - cadtfoi - 09-19-2009

Here is a small colection of structural details in RC (dwg) from a spanish prof Calavera
He have several books but i only have them in spanish.

I don´t know if this is the right place to put this , if i´m wong I apologise to all

[Image: 48529146117866366582.png]

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RE: Structural details - Dell_Brett - 09-20-2009

This is the same structural details (very good!) as CYPECAD library. A very useful collection!
(Spanish text)

[Image: vebb1a3020op928imyv2.png]

[Image: nm1a1f090cxcgjhbr73o.png]

Thanks cadtfoi for using Post Generator.


RE: Structural details - cadtfoi - 09-20-2009


They are like cypecad details, but they are not from cypecad, they were made by a Spanich teacher, and they are in his work.
Details from cypecad are diferent.

I have also the details from Tricalc (but not the program :( ), and i will put them also here today ot tomorrow.