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Mirror links - Grunf - 12-17-2010

Dear members,

Once there was a question raised about posting mirror links. Question similar to this:

Quote:Should we make mirror links inspite Kowheng and Grunf makes mirror links faster then all other members of this forum? The two of them makes response to most (if not to all) threads with dead links.

The answer is YES. You are more then welcome to make mirror links for download material posted to CivilEA. Mirror links keeps threads alive. There is a possibility that Kowheng's or links made by me become dead/ inactive/ deleted in time, but yours can be those good ones and alive.

Because of some situations here - I have to say this - please post your mirror links (just new ones, made by you and with related info) according to the rules of this forum. If you are not sure on how to post correctly, just look to some Forum Staff posts and post like them or in similar way. Still if you aren't sure on how to make one good post, you are always free and welcome to contact Forum Staff (Admin, Protectors, Moderators, etc.)

Lets keep this forum alive!

Best regards,